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8 Reasons To Think About Quick Fabric Displays When Showcasing

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

When it comes to advertising at events, quick fabric displays stand out as one of the best solutions. Their particular features make of this advertising tool a real effective method to display messages.

  1. User-friendly designs: Quick fabric displays offer clients a really effective solution to assemble and disassemble. Their structures are made of lightweight aluminum easy to extend and compress. So, it takes just a few minutes to display your message once you are in the exhibition floor with no need to use any kind of tool for the assembly and disassembly process.
  2. Time saver: Their simple aluminum structures play an important role when it comes to saving time while exhibiting at a certain event. These kinds of designs use hook and loop strips to attach the printed banners to the frame. This way, you can not only save time by storing and transporting the banners already attached, but you can also replace graphics in just a few seconds.
  3. Variety of sizes: Depending on your needs, quick fabric displays offer you many different sizes that range from 31.5" x 31" to 119" x 88". So they are very convenient not only for small areas and showcasing tables but also for large exhibition floors.
  4. Easily portable: Despite the large sizes of many of these designs, they never weight more than 15 lbs. Besides, every display always includes a drawstring bag to make transportation an easier process.
  5. Durability: These displays have not only durable aluminum frames, but also banners constructed of 100% polyester material. They are perfect choices when looking for durable solutions to use several times and they can be cleaned in washing machines with cold water.
  6. High-quality printings: Unique dye sublimation printing processes are used to print graphics and images, so that they become part of the fibers of the material, giving your message the chance to stand out with brilliant full colors and high-quality resolutions.
  7. Versatility: Quick fabric displays also include an option to purchase poster replacements so you can update and alternate your graphics making your message appealing and interesting enough for passersby and preventing you from having to buy other displays for future events.
  8. Affordable prices: Considering the high-quality of these displays and the enormous benefits for their users prices can range from $225.00 to $990.00.
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